About Royal Web

Royal Web Agency is an established agency which offer wide range of services from marketing and advertising to website design and related services. Royal Web is rebranded from Parsa Team Inc, and Ofogh Information Technology Company Ltd. with nearly about 2 decades experience and presence in the local and international market with more than 200 loyal customers and more than 1000 projects successfully completed.

Ofogh Information Technology Company
Ofogh Information Technology Company was established in the year 2003 and began its work in designing multimedia systems and smart homes. In a short period of time despite the lack of experts in related fields, Ofogh Company achieved huge success. Design and implementation of an online e-commerce system for one of the largest franchised companies in the middle east, organizing and developing business directory and information systems was parts of the company achievements.

After less than a year and various achievements in designing and developing of multimedia systems, Ofogh Company launched a new department to work on smart home and security systems. Competing with giant security companies was not an obstacle for the company and its achievements, and the newly launched department was able to complete several projects in capital city and surrounding cities in a short time.

Parsa Team Company
In the year 2004, the Parsa Team Company was established by group of experts in computer and internet industry in Tehran, IRAN. The Parsa Company started its journey with designing and developing internet website. In the first year, they have designed and developed the first online gaming website and entertainment in IRAN and in the following years with increase of demands and users, they have expanded the website to serve more than 198 countries in the world.

Designing and developing of the first online business and local directory system is one of greatest achievement in the history of the company which in the time was unique but due to lack of demand for internet services and use of internet by average people, slowly was shut down in the following years.

Our Expertise
Marketing, Advertising, Designing of website and online systems, Consulting, Project management, Technical support, Research and development

Last updated on March 23, 2020