Print Design

Print Design

In our modern world with the high use of the technology and digital medium, the businesses, organizations and people still use printed materials like letterhead, restaurant menus, business cards and so on for advertising, selling products and running the day to day business. With the high demand for digital advertising and using modern technology for better efficiency and lower cost, there is still a need for print services and printed materials.

Designing for print

Any printed material requires a professional design to have a powerful impact and based on the standards of the industry and the business. Since the printed materials are static and cannot get an immediate update like the digital mediums, the design should be standard and provide good readability for the users. In each industry, based on the printed material, the design and the graphics would be varied to deliver an accurate message for the target audience.

The design for print service provides the consultation, choosing the right colour palette, drafting the layout and design based on the needs of the industry and the target goals of printing the required materials. The print design service, specifications and the charges vary based on the project size and the type of business or organization.

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